About Us

Kalchakra is a Hindi News website which has been launched in September 2020 and its goal is to give you the absolute national news sources for topics like the, Indian politics, development, agriculture, success, business, sports and entertainment. It provides state wise news as well. Our topics are carefully curated and constantly updated as we know the web moves fast so we try to as well.

Our topics are following;

  • National
  • International
  • Agriculture
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Health
  • Technology

Kalchakra provides News from all India’s internal politics, development, success, war, crime, public activities, national success, business, security, sports, entertainment, and others. It’s contains state wise news as well.

News of international politics, relations, war, crime, achievement, technologies, environment, and other foreign activities. World news or international news or even foreign coverage, news from abroad, about a country or a global subject.

The website provides Agriculture News and updates you on Government Schemes for Agriculture. Here you get knowledge and ideas of Agriculture like, Organic Farming, Rain-water harvesting, permaculture farming, Fish Farming, Poultry Farm, horticulture, agroforestry, ley farming, Shifting agriculture, Subsistence farming, Intensive agriculture, Extensive agriculture, Commercial agriculture, Plantation agriculture, Dry land farming, Wet land farming, Aquaponics, etc.

Kalchakra provides sports news from local, nation and international. Here you get sports news for all types such as cricket, football, tennis, hockey, kabaddi, IPL, Olympic etc.

Kalchakra provides Entertainment news which contains Bollywood news and gossip celebrities, film, TV serials, web series, shooting, releasing, Bollywood latest updates, etc. Kalchakra also provides international entertainment news.

Kalchakra News informs about emerging research, new treatments, diet, exercise, and trending topics in health and wellness. News about Nutrition, Medical, Health, Disease, and its solution.

Kalchakra news editors and writers provide news on Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, Gaming and Internet and top technology news, with investigative reporting and in-depth coverage of tech issues and events.

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